The full power of partial truckload

truckload-partialSome LTL freight shipments fall in between the standard definitions of LTL and truckload. These loads do not take up an entire truck but are often heavy, bulky or take up a lot of space. In these circumstances, a partial truckload option may fit the bill. Partial truckloads, besides being a suitable choice for these types of loads, offer many more benefits:

Better prices.
Partial truckloads can potentially have lower prices than heavy LTL or a full truckload for your shipment.

Faster transit times.
Your freight is moving from your dock to your destination and not stopping at hubs in-between. This can  move your freight more rapidly.

No freight class needed.
When shipping partial truckload, freight class is not required which means no chance of your freight being reclassed.

Lower chance of damage.
Partial truckload freight does not change trucks, which means there is less handling and less chance of a damage occurring.

Smoother ride.
Your freight is likely to move on an air-ride trailer for a less-bumpy trip to its destination.

 Better insurance coverage.
Cargo coverage insurance is available up to $100k.

At Freightquote, we leverage our market-leading analytics along with our vast carrier network to identify when a partial truckload is the right solution for our customers.  Talk to your freight broker today to take advantage of the power of the partial.

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