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The full power of partial truckload

truckload-partialSome LTL freight shipments fall in between the standard definitions of LTL and truckload. These loads do not take up an entire truck but are often heavy, bulky or take up a lot of space. In these circumstances, a partial truckload option may fit the bill. Partial truckloads, besides being a suitable choice for these types of loads, offer many more benefits:

Better prices.
Partial truckloads can potentially have lower prices than heavy LTL or a full truckload for your shipment.

Faster transit times.
Your freight is moving from your dock to your destination and not stopping at hubs in-between. This can  move your freight more rapidly.

No freight class needed.
When shipping partial truckload, freight class is not required which means no chance of your freight being reclassed.

Lower chance of damage.
Partial truckload freight does not change trucks, which means there is less handling and less chance of a damage occurring.

Smoother ride.
Your freight is likely to move on an air-ride trailer for a less-bumpy trip to its destination.

 Better insurance coverage.
Cargo coverage insurance is available up to $100k.

At Freightquote, we leverage our market-leading analytics along with our vast carrier network to identify when a partial truckload is the right solution for our customers.  Talk to your freight broker today to take advantage of the power of the partial.

The inside scoop on inside delivery

palletIf a loading dock is not available at your delivery site, for an additional fee, you can select “inside delivery” on most freight shipments. However, it’s important to know what this service does and does not entail.

When freight is delivered to a residential address, inside delivery indicates moving the pallet to the driveway, porch or garage. Drivers will not take freight inside a home. Most carriers have policies prohibiting drivers from even attempting in-home pick-up or delivery. This policy is to avoid complaints that the driver tracked in mud, damaged walls or doors and the like. Additionally, there are potential liability issues if an accident or injury occurred inside. Therefore, it’s in every party’s best interest that the freight simply is delivered to a convenient outdoor location. Planning for this is imperative when your freight is delivered to a residence.

If delivering to a business, inside delivery generally means inside the door of the business. Typically, the carrier will bring the freight a few feet inside the main entrance.  If the freight needs to be delivered to the interior of the building, up any steps or up an elevator, the delivery charge will increase.

Also, most drivers will not breakdown freight to move it through doors. If your freight is larger than the entryway, a driver will not bring it inside. Drivers will also not perform “extraordinary” functions, including delivering up long or winding drives, or attempting to deliver in any area that is unsafe for their normal equipment such as a narrow hallway or steep stairs.

Understanding what inside delivery means can help you make sound decisions when planning your freight. Contact your Freightquote broker at 800.323.5441 or at for expert help with inside delivery and all of your freight needs.

Freightquote joins Animal Planet’s “Tanked” for some fishy business

Freightquote  recently teamed up with Animal Planet’s hit series, “Tanked,” to provide the logistics to get Wayde King and Brett Raymer the supplies needed in time to create a few of their incredible aquariums.

“Tanked” follows the creation of one-of-a-kind fish tanks with the brothers-in-law who own Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.  Freightquote worked with the “Tanked” crew to ship parts for the giant lava lamp tank which was created for Spencer’s Gifts in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. This episode will air on Friday, April 5th at 9PM ET/PT on Animal Planet.

Also, don’t miss the following week’s episode on Friday, April 12th at 9PM ET/PT where Freightquote aided in  freight shipping materials to create a giant top hat tank for D Bar J Hat Company in Las Vegas. Be sure to tune in to Animal Planet Fridays at 9PM E/P to see these remarkable tanks.  You just might catch our logo on a few pallets too!