Natural disasters simply can’t stop America’s trucks.

When a natural disaster strikes the nation some aspects of the affected area must come to a stand-still in order to access, and even process, the damage. While that’s true for many things, it does not apply to truck traffic. Allowing trucks to continue their routes is critical to the safety and well-being of those in the immediate area, as well as for Americans throughout the country.

According to a report prepared by the American Trucking Associations, here are a few examples of how halting truck traffic can put citizens at risk:

  • The nation’s food supply will suffer significant shortages in as little as three days, especially for perishable items. Supplies of clean drinking water will run dry in two to four weeks.
  • Essential basic medical supplies, such as syringes, catheters and oxygen, will be jeopardized and could even be depleted, especially if the natural disaster causes a medical emergency. Hospitals and nursing homes will exhaust their food supply within a day and pharmacies will see their inventory disappear.
  • Fuel supplies will run out in just one to two days. Without access to automobile transportation, people won’t be able to get to work, emergency response vehicles will be paralyzed and accumulating garbage will quickly cause health and environmental hazards. This will also cease air, rail and maritime transportation – our nation’s economic lifelines.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of affected industries. Major manufacturers will see assembly lines shut down, banks and ATMs will use up their cash supplies, even the Department of Defense could see crippling effects.

Natural disasters, like the one the Northeast just experienced with Hurricane Sandy, are devastating on many levels, but making sure we literally keep the country running with truck traffic is essential for a speedy, healthy recovery. We, at Freightquote, appreciate everyone in the trucking industry for their heroic efforts transporting much needed supplies in and out of the Northeast in the wake of Sandy. As always, we extend our offer of assistance in all your trucking needs.

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