Get to know Scott Pelan, Freight Broker.

I work to cultivate relationships with customers who appreciate the value of a fair shipping rate and second-to-none service to back it up. For my customers, I source carriers that will not only haul their product from point A to B, but also meet the service expectations my customers should expect in the process. A rate is only as good as the service that backs it!

I’m a big believer in Freightquote and what it has to offer. When I work with a customer or carrier, I’m representing the entire company and I’m motivated by ensuring every interaction I have puts our company in a good light. Also, my work benefits companies by cutting shipping expenses and getting their product to their customers in a fashion that reflects well both on me AND my customers. I enjoy knowing my work actually benefits my customers and this, in turn, continues to motivate me. I like feeling the satisfaction I get when I come through for my customers.

I’ve been with Freightquote for almost two years now. When I started, I got a great chance to learn the customer service side of the industry by working as a Logistics Representative for some of our top customers. Working behind the scenes for those accounts taught me what it takes to earn and maintain a great business relationship and also taught me potential problem areas that require extra attention to ensure our customers have a great experience with Freightquote. I also got a chance to join the training team at Freightquote for one year. This, combined with the natural opportunities that the role offers, has had the most positive impact, hands-down, on my career that I could ever have asked for.

My favorite thing about working at Freightquote is definitely my co-workers. There’s a ton of camaraderie within the group of Freight Brokers I interact with but also in our company in general. “Off” days at work happen no matter where you work, but having people surrounding you that have a good attitude and are fun to be around makes Freightquote different from other places I have worked.

One response to “Get to know Scott Pelan, Freight Broker.

  1. Sounds like a great guy to work with! He definitely knows his logistics.

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