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Pace yourself this week.

Thanksgiving Day is this Thursday, November 22nd. It will not be counted as a transit day, nor will the following day, Friday, November 23rd. We advise you to book your shipments today so your work capacity doesn’t get overstuffed during this busy holiday week.

Natural disasters simply can’t stop America’s trucks.

When a natural disaster strikes the nation some aspects of the affected area must come to a stand-still in order to access, and even process, the damage. While that’s true for many things, it does not apply to truck traffic. Allowing trucks to continue their routes is critical to the safety and well-being of those in the immediate area, as well as for Americans throughout the country.

According to a report prepared by the American Trucking Associations, here are a few examples of how halting truck traffic can put citizens at risk:

  • The nation’s food supply will suffer significant shortages in as little as three days, especially for perishable items. Supplies of clean drinking water will run dry in two to four weeks.
  • Essential basic medical supplies, such as syringes, catheters and oxygen, will be jeopardized and could even be depleted, especially if the natural disaster causes a medical emergency. Hospitals and nursing homes will exhaust their food supply within a day and pharmacies will see their inventory disappear.
  • Fuel supplies will run out in just one to two days. Without access to automobile transportation, people won’t be able to get to work, emergency response vehicles will be paralyzed and accumulating garbage will quickly cause health and environmental hazards. This will also cease air, rail and maritime transportation – our nation’s economic lifelines.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of affected industries. Major manufacturers will see assembly lines shut down, banks and ATMs will use up their cash supplies, even the Department of Defense could see crippling effects.

Natural disasters, like the one the Northeast just experienced with Hurricane Sandy, are devastating on many levels, but making sure we literally keep the country running with truck traffic is essential for a speedy, healthy recovery. We, at Freightquote, appreciate everyone in the trucking industry for their heroic efforts transporting much needed supplies in and out of the Northeast in the wake of Sandy. As always, we extend our offer of assistance in all your trucking needs.

Freightquote Job Openings

We’re currently seeking applicants for the following positions at our company headquarters in Lenexa, KS:

To learn more about one of these exciting positions, check out our Careers page at

Get to know Scott Pelan, Freight Broker.

I work to cultivate relationships with customers who appreciate the value of a fair shipping rate and second-to-none service to back it up. For my customers, I source carriers that will not only haul their product from point A to B, but also meet the service expectations my customers should expect in the process. A rate is only as good as the service that backs it!

I’m a big believer in Freightquote and what it has to offer. When I work with a customer or carrier, I’m representing the entire company and I’m motivated by ensuring every interaction I have puts our company in a good light. Also, my work benefits companies by cutting shipping expenses and getting their product to their customers in a fashion that reflects well both on me AND my customers. I enjoy knowing my work actually benefits my customers and this, in turn, continues to motivate me. I like feeling the satisfaction I get when I come through for my customers.

I’ve been with Freightquote for almost two years now. When I started, I got a great chance to learn the customer service side of the industry by working as a Logistics Representative for some of our top customers. Working behind the scenes for those accounts taught me what it takes to earn and maintain a great business relationship and also taught me potential problem areas that require extra attention to ensure our customers have a great experience with Freightquote. I also got a chance to join the training team at Freightquote for one year. This, combined with the natural opportunities that the role offers, has had the most positive impact, hands-down, on my career that I could ever have asked for.

My favorite thing about working at Freightquote is definitely my co-workers. There’s a ton of camaraderie within the group of Freight Brokers I interact with but also in our company in general. “Off” days at work happen no matter where you work, but having people surrounding you that have a good attitude and are fun to be around makes Freightquote different from other places I have worked.

Regarding Hurricane Sandy

First and foremost, we extend our thoughts and deepest concern for all in the Northeast who have suffered from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. To our many customers, business partners and employees who work and reside in the area – know we are here and available to help you in whatever capacity we can.

To aid in the immediate hurricane relief efforts, we’ve sent a monetary donation to the American Red Cross. We’ve also offered them our assistance in moving supplies into areas needing assistance. For our customers throughout the country, we want you to know we’re monitoring all freight shipping activity impacted by the storm by working closely with our carrier partners to identify the status of lanes coming and going into the Northeast region.

If you have any questions or are seeking help with a shipment moving to or from the affected areas, please reach out to us by calling 800.323.5441 or visiting

Tim Barton, Chairman and CEO