Freightquote, Old Hickory Bat Company and Roadrunner Play Real Life Moneyball

In the hit movie Moneyball, Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, is portrayed as one of the best general managers in baseball because he successfully replaced marquee baseball stars with unheralded players who had reputations for working hard and getting the job done.

When Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s recently needed a rush supply of baseball bats they turned to Old Hickory Bat Company to come through in a pinch. Old Hickory Bats, who is a major supplier of baseball bats to organized baseball teams, went through the Freightquote online booking process and selected Roadrunner Transportation to handle this important shipment.

The A’s, who happened to be in the middle of a heated pennant race, needed the bats delivered the Tuesday after Labor Day as they faced the Los Angeles Angels that night. The problem was the bats were not scheduled to be available for delivery until late Tuesday. In a panic, the A’s contacted the Freightquote LTL logistics team who worked directly with Roadrunner Transportation to figure out a solution. Roadrunner terminal employee, Tom Kelly, ended up putting a load of bats in a rental truck and, with the help of another terminal employee, made the delivery to the Oakland A’s in time for Tuesday afternoon batting practice. “We simply needed to make it happen!” said Kelly when asked about the success of the timely shipment.

People say baseball is the ultimate team sport and Freightquote, Old Hickory Bats and Roadrunner definitely worked together like champions to help out the A’s. At Freightquote we call that true moneyball.

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