Kindness Is Contagious

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week we asked the truck drivers we work with to share some of their best tales from the road. We judged the story below as the best and awarded the driver with a $150 American Express Gift Card. It’s a wonderful story and a great example of how the kindness of one person can be rewarding in multiple ways.

 I was headed home one Friday afternoon and had stopped at a rest area on I-55 in Illinois. While I was there I couldn’t help hearing a conversation this lady was having on the pay phone. She was telling someone her car had broken down and had a flat. She said a guy stopped to help change her tire.  When she went to give the guy some money for helping her he grabbed her purse and took off. She was in tears while she was talking to the person on the phone. I overheard her saying she had no money with two kids in the car and no ID – she did not know how she was going to get back to Chicago. I waited for her to get off the phone to see if I could help. All I had with me was $60 in cash so I gave it to her and told her I hoped that would help her get home. Three months later I received a check in the mail from that lady with a Thank You note saying that she had gotten my name and address off the side of my truck. I was shocked. I never expected to be repaid by her, and didn’t care, because I was brought up to lend a helping hand whenever possible. I guess good karma really does exist.

–          Roger A.

He was right about good karma. In this case it paid off with interest.  His $60 ended up paying him back $150! We also awarded our second place winner with a $50 American Express gift card. Congratulations to both of our winners and Happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week to all the great drivers out there!

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