Peak Season Pointers

Historically, this is the time the freight shipping industry is hitting its traditional peak season, which starts in September, kicks into high gear in October and winds down during the first week of November. Peak season means there is much more freight available to carriers, who can be selective in getting the right freight and right price for their loads. Most of peak season is caused by manufacturers wanting their products in stores to supplement holiday inventory, however other industries simply have high freight needs during the fall.

Current national survey data shows that manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are generally carrying fewer inventories going into this fall, meaning the potential for demand surprises are high. Though concerns about the economy may exist, speculation among the freight industry is that we will still have a strong peak season.

Peak Season Shipping Tips

Plan Ahead. With manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers all needing to ship during peak season capacity can be a concern. The more advance notice a shipper can provide will ensure carrier availability and a successful shipment, resulting in less stress.

Consider multiple vendors vs. single source. While relying on one provider can provide a seamless shipping process, it also limits options and contingencies. Using multiple carriers provides for more options, especially if the manufacturing line is behind or there are other unforeseen challenges. Multiple carriers may also allow for better transit options in certain areas.

Don’t forget Cyber Monday. Most of the traditional peak freight is built around retail’s biggest day – Black Friday, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving, but they neglect Cyber Monday. More consumers continue to buy products online so make sure to provide for cyber customers by considering fulfillment, or 3rd party warehousing as part of your supply chain.

How Freightquote Helps During Peak Season

Offering multiple carriers. Our system allows you to optimize a carrier by shipping lane. Not only will you know you are getting the most competitive rate, but you can also make sure carriers are moving your freight efficiently.

Product Rollout. This is the season that manufacturers and electronics companies introduce holiday products. Use us and take advantage of our bid project software for a turnkey solution to deliver your new products. This customized software allows you to leverage all the Freightquote carriers to give you the best possible price for your project shipments.

Giving you quality customer service. Our customer service is staffed from 7a.m. to 7p.m. central time during peak season to get you the answers you need.

Extending special services. Discussing your peak season shipping demands with a Freightquote Account Manager will allow us to utilize other services to ensure a successful shipping season. Expedited and window deliveries are examples of products our team can arrange.

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