The Partial Truckload Conundrum

Shippers face a conundrum with mid-sized shipments on a daily basis: To ship with a less than truckload or a full truckload carrier. Sometimes, the best choice is neither.

Partial truckload shipping is an under-utilized mode of transportation that avoids the cross-docking of LTL shipments and can lead to the big savings and fast transit times of full truckload shipping.

Not sure if your freight would make a good partial shipment? Keep the following characteristics of partial truckloads in mind.

Mid-Sized is the Right Size

Partial shipments are generally too large to move LTL but not large enough to fill an entire truckload trailer. Shipments that use less than 20 feet of trailer space and weigh less than 20,000 pounds make great partial shipments.

Delicate freight? No problem.

Customers who ship partial truckloads benefit from a dedicated trailer. Once a standard partial shipment is loaded onto a trailer, it stays on the same trailer until being delivered to its final destination. No LTL cross-docking, no need to determine LTL freight class, just a smooth ride from point A to B.

Exact Dimensions Are a Must

Carriers hauling partials search for multiple shipments in a logical geographical order to fill their trailer to the last inch. Before a carrier accepts a partial shipment, they’ll need the exact dimensions to ensure the freight will fit on the trailer.

Broad Dock Hours Go a Long Way

Partial carriers often have multiple pickups or deliveries to make in the same day, and arriving on time for appointments can be a challenge. The more flexible the shipper and consignee dock hours, the better the chance for your partial to be picked up and delivered in a timely manner.

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