General rate increases (GRIs) are announced for some LTL carriers.

Recently, some of the nation’s top LTL carriers have announced general rate increases ranging being between 4-8%, which is impacting the entire transportation industry. These increases are partially a response to poor economic conditions dating back as long as four years ago. During that time many carriers did not carry out rate increases in an effort to keep volume and demand up in a lagging economic environment. Now that the economy is improving some carriers feel increasing their rates are justified to improve their bottom lines.

What does that mean for us as a service-driven logistics company? First, it means we share this information to help shippers large and small make more informed decisions while quoting and booking their shipments. And second, it means we continue to negotiate our rates with multiple carriers to get the most aggressive pricing for our customers. In addition to our negotiating efforts with carriers, we also offer solutions to help our customers manage and stabilize their freight costs. A Freight Spend Analysis (FSA) compares customer’s costs per lane with our costs to uncover potential savings. This analysis helps us create customized pricing solutions based on the specific needs of our customer. Freightview, our carrier management system, allows customers to manage all their carriers, quotes and shipments in one system. For more information about these and other Freightquote products contact one of our Account Representatives at 800.323.5441 or visit

Working with the largest online logistics provider in the country has its benefits – getting the most for your dollar is just one of them.

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