Don’t let capacity issues get you down

One of the greatest challenges shippers in America face is staying on top of the ever-changing truckload shipping market. Whether it’s Christmas tree season in the Northwest or produce season in the Southeast, changes in the market can directly affect shippers across the country.
Last year’s produce boom in Southern Georgia left shippers in a scramble to find trucks. For each refrigerated trailer in the Valdosta area last June, there were more than 20 shippers in need of their service. Many of those shippers had to wait days to find a carrier for their load, some even longer.
When carrier capacity gets tough in your area and your consignees are in desperate need of freight, what can you do to get wheels under your shipment?

Ditch the equipment-type status quo

Southern Georgia’s produce boom left shippers in need of refrigerated trailers in a bind, but flatbed shippers didn’t face the same capacity battle.  If your freight can go on multiple trailer types, test the waters on any and all trailers that will work for you. Although flatbed rates are usually higher than van rates, capacity issues can minimize, and even flip, that price difference in a hurry.

Channel your inner gymnast

Flexibility is key. If possible, broaden your dock hours. When it comes to finding a truck to haul your freight, a narrow pickup window can be a deal breaker. Accommodating carrier needs just might be the difference between locking a carrier down for pickup or spending extra time looking for another.

Let someone else do the work for you

Exhausted all your carrier resources? Don’t have the time to stay up on the shipping market? The best third party logistics providers stay on top of the market and work with large networks of carriers so you don’t have to. Finding the right provider can help you find a truck in a hurry at the rate you’re looking for and keep those low-capacity blues away.

Struggling to find a truck for your shipment? Go to to get a free quote for your shipment today. Sit back, relax and let us do the work.

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