Customer focus remains strong as Freightquote shipment counts hit record high.

Last year, more than 40,000 customers took advantage of our user-friendly online platform to minimize freight shipping expenses and access a network of the nation’s best carriers. However, our best-kept secret is what’s behind our user-friendly platform: nearly 200 employees completely dedicated to the customer experience.

Within our Customer Operations Department, there are more than 100 Logistics and Coverage Representatives who are responsible for sourcing top carriers and ensuring pickup and delivery go off without a hitch. But, in an industry that can be easily affected by inclement weather and truck breakdowns, disruptions are inevitable. We specialize in handling those situations, so our customers don’t have to.

“We get paid to not only provide transportation from point A to point B but also to minimize any potential aggravation on our customer’s behalf,” said the Director of Truckload Freight Operations. “Truckload Logistics is a perfect example of our desire to aggressively develop a passionate attitude towards customer satisfaction. We’ve realigned our Logistics Representatives to understand what it takes to gain a customer and keep a customer. That makes our work more meaningful. There’s a sense of urgency to provide resolution immediately to our customers’ needs.”

That sense of urgency to meet customers’ needs and ensure smooth transit also rings true on the LTL freight shipping side. The Manager of LTL Operations is tasked with overseeing thousands of LTL shipments each day.

“We book around 4,000 LTL loads a day, and for clarity purposes, most go without a hitch. But this is an industry apt to mistakes. My team is trained to handle those negative issues quickly with the customer in mind.”

The Truckload and LTL teams have helped maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – even as shipment counts continue to reach all-time highs.

That rating is further bolstered by our Account Services Team, which is made up of 70 employees dedicated to customer billing, claims and disputes, and our Customer Service Contact Center, which provides customers with a quick point of contact for all their shipping questions.

“We know customers change suppliers when they have poor service, and today’s competitive landscape makes changing suppliers easier than ever,” remarked Lance Huggins, Vice President of Customer Service. “But from the Contact Center to LTL Operations, to Truckload Operations, to Rail Operations, to Account Services, all the different folks come together to set us apart from our competitors.”

By Freightquote Customer Service

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