How To Get A Good LTL Quote

Getting a Good LTL Quote

Many shippers have come to Freightquote having previously negotiated their own less-than-truckload (LTL) rates – and some have even negotiated very good rates. It is not unusual, however, for Freightquote to immediately be able to offer additional savings off of those well-negotiated freight rates.

LTL contracts though are fairly complicated. There are actually several variables involved in producing an accurate LTL rate. These include the discount, the base rate, weight, classification, minimum freight charges, length of haul, service points, fuel surcharge, and other additional/accessorial services.

When quoting a load – when accurately quoting a load – these variables must all be considered. Freightquote’s online quoting system takes each pertinent variable into account before presenting quotes from multiple carriers. The system then allows the shipper to compare these quotes including rates and delivery times and assess the strengths of each carrier.

Over the last decade, Freightquote has continually re-evaluated, tweaked and updated its technology to ensure that its shippers receive the best and most accurate quotes. Because of Freightquote’s years of experience and enormous volume of freight shipped, it knows exactly how to best navigate every carrier’s tariff and other variables to provide the best possible quote.

Most often, because of the experience, the relationships and Freightquote’s shipping volume, this LTL quote will beat the rates the shipper could negotiate on its own.

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