Efficiency in Freight Through Technology

The shipping process – heck, the whole transportation industry – is large, complicated and extremely rooted in tradition.  As technology has become refined over the last decade, especially at Freightquote.com, some of the inefficiencies which were formerly unavoidable in shipping have been resolved. Shipping cannot function well based on technology alone however.

Freightquote’s outstanding freight quoting and freight management technologies are supported by an experienced and talented staff with a deep knowledge of the industry and a commitment to Freightquote’s customers.

The technology though is the cornerstone of Freightquote’s system. Leaders in the online movement of the freight industry, Freightquote continues to develop better and more efficient technologies to help its shippers do more with less. In the current economy, the savings achieved can be essential to keep a business on track. Even a seemingly small monthly savings on freight costs can be important to the bottom line of a small- to medium-sized business.

There are a number of freight transportation cost reductions available.

Freightquote’s online  system can quickly identify multiple shipping options for every shipment – allowing a shipper to compare them side-by-side, looking at cost, service level, delivery time and more. Freightquote allows shippers upfront consideration of surcharges, accessorials, minimums and other minutiae of freight billing that can really add up.

And utilizing Freightquote’s technology costs nothing. No software to purchase. No IT consultants or programmers to pay.

Freightquote’s unique online system allows for very accurate quotes and simple comparisons. This, plus Freightquote’s relationships with hundreds and thousands of available, reputable carriers and Freightquote’s tremendous shipping volume, result in immediate savings in transportation costs.

Additional savings are undeniable when shippers consider the time saved by using Freightquote’s technology. No longer do transportation managers have to bounce from carrier to carrier to obtain quotes and negotiate rates.

Freightquote does that in the click of a button.

No longer do shippers have to make multiple follow-up phone calls to book loads and track shipments. No longer do shippers have to reconcile multiple shipping invoices to internal records before cutting multiple checks for payment to multiple carriers. No longer do they have to navigate damage claims on their own. All of this is handled simply and efficiently via Freightquote’s online freight management system. The time savings are unbeatable. And time is money, especially in this economy when businesses are striving to do more with less at every level of commerce.

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