Pay Attention to Freight Surcharges and Fees

Navigating Added Freight Charges

Shippers have surely noticed that discounts offered by less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers have been increasing during the recent economic downturn.  The carriers have used discounts to try to maintain volume during the recession. For many carriers, these discounts have succeeded in luring shippers in.

Unfortunately for many shippers though, they are enticed by a high rate discount but never actually achieve the promised savings. They receive their invoice and discover unexpected, additional charges, accessorials and surcharges. Shippers that use to compare and book shipments can avoid any surprises when the invoice arrives.

LTL carriers charge an additional fee for any “special services” that they provide. Generally, anything beyond a simple dock pick-up and dock delivery might be considered “special” or unusual.  These extra charges are called “accessorial charges”.

These charges are published in the LTL carrier’s tariff and often include fees for lift-gate pick-up or delivery, residential pick-up or delivery, hazardous materials fees, delay time, convention or trade show deliveries, non-commercial or job site deliveries, re-weigh and re-classification and more.

Fuel surcharges have been ever-present for over a year now. They are generally imposed by carriers when fuel prices reach certain levels and are usually tied to the DOT Fuel Index.

Rather than try to navigate the details of each specific carrier’s tariff, shippers can utilize Freightquote to quote, compare and book a freight shipment. The specifics of the quoted rate are fully disclosed. Any questions about rates, accessorial charges or fuel surcharges can be answered by Freightquote’s freight experts.

Shippers can rely on Freightquote to help them take advantage of the great discounts available in the current marketplace and also to keep from being surprised by unexpected add-ons.

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