Longtime President To Leave FedEx Freight

The big buzz in the freight industry last month came out of FedEx. Douglas G. Duncan, president and CEO of FedEx Freight from its inception, will retire next February. The announcement took the industry by surprise.

FedEx Freight was created in 2001 – just a few years after Freightquote.com – via the acquisition and merger of American Freightways and Viking Freight. Duncan had been the head at Viking, having previously worked at several other freight companies including Roadway.

Under Duncan’s leadership, FedEx Freight became one of the country’s leading non-union less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. It is the second largest LTL operator in the country, after YRC Worldwide.

Many in the trucking industry view the creation of FedEx Freight as the beginning of a major shift in LTL. The major unionized carriers at the time – Yellow, Roadway and Consolidated Freightways – began to lose some ground to non-union lines.

The already established global FedEx brand, along with the company’s unmatched (at the time) spending on technology and service enhancements, forced other LTL carriers to rethink their businesses. (Consolidated Freightways folded in 2002, and Yellow Corp. acquired Roadway in 2003 to create what is now YRC Worldwide.)

The landscape of LTL freight hauling changed fairly dramatically during Duncan’s leadership at FedEx Freight. Much of it is related to the direct effect of the internet and companies like Freightquote.com but substantial credit should probably also go to Duncan’s work at FedEx Freight. His tactical decisions and investment in technology quickly made FedEx a huge player in the LTL game.

Freightquote.com is proud to count FedEx Freight among its most valuable partner carriers. Freightquote works with only the best and most reputable carriers – and FedEx Freight certainly fits the bill. We are confident that FedEx under Douglas Duncan’s successor will continue to be an industry leader and a provider of high quality, reliable service.

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