ATA announces August Freight Tonnage Increase for August 2009

The freight industry posted another gain in the month of August, with a 2.1 percent (adjusted) increase over July’s freight volume. Compared to August 2008, freight tonnage was down 7.5 percent, which is a decrease but it was the smallest decrease since last November.

The American Trucking Associations released the industry numbers and speculated that they were attributable to a growing economy and more balanced inventories across the nation.

ATA’s economists believe that the upward trend will continue but will likely not be as sharp as July and August’s numbers. “While I am optimistic that the worst is behind us, most economic indicators, including industrial output and household spending, suggest freight tonnage will exhibit moderate, and probably inconsistent, growth in the months ahead,” ATA’s chief economist said. is bolstered by these predictions but has been able to weather the economic downturn by increasing efficiencies, improving technologies and leveraging the situation to customers’ benefit.  Those customers, in turn, recognize the value that Freightquote provides and ship more volume using Freightquote.

So, despite the relatively depressing first three quarters of 2009, Freightquote has expanded its services and enabled many shippers to save money by finding the best rates and most efficient shipping options. By enhancing its customers’ ability to function in this market, Freightquote has largely avoided being affected by the slowdown. These increased efficiencies will continue to serve Freightquote well as the market begins to recover.

Freightquote is excited to hear industry analysts predict an upswing in late 2009 and 2010. The company will continue to contribute to that upturn by working with its customers to book the most economical and reputable shipping available, both domestically and internationally..

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