Choosing the Right Freight Carrier

Thousands of freight carriers are on the roads, rails, seas and airways every day. Some carriers are major international corporations; others are independent owner-operators. Choosing the right carrier for any particular load can be a confusing and stressful process.

In addition to reasonable pricing, shippers need to be assured that any chosen carrier is licensed, insured and reputable. The intensive process necessary to check all of this can be oppressive to an individual shipper.
Shippers, however, can rely on to do all of this groundwork for them. Freightquote has had extensive experience with hundreds, if not thousands, of carriers. Freightquote’s partner carriers meet all legal requirements and have positive industry reputations.

Before Freightquote works with any carrier, it must first verify the carrier’s authority. Every carrier must be authorized by the U.S. Department of Transportation to transport goods for hire. Every USDOT and MC number must be verified.

After DOT authority is confirmed, Freightquote will always verify the carrier’s cargo insurance. All carriers must have a minimum amount of insurance. Depending on the nature of the freight, a shipper may want to purchase additional coverage from a third party insurer.

Finally, Freightquote will look into the carrier’s transaction history. Does the carrier have a good reputation among shippers? Do they have solid business references? Freightquote will never book any customer’s load with a carrier of questionable reputation.

The inquiry doesn’t end there. Evidence of reputation is always subjective and difficult to quantify. There are some quantitative measures that can be and are reviewed. Freightquote’s partner carriers have reasonable transit times and limited transfers to protect every shipper’s freight. Additionally, Freightquote uses carriers only with above-average on-time delivery rates.

The depth of this investigation into carriers can be overwhelming if a shipper is considering and comparing several different carriers. Fortunately, in addition to streamlining and automating the quoting and booking process, Freightquote has already performed all necessary background reviews for hundreds of potential carriers. Shippers can rely on Freightquote’s carrier evaluations and ship without worry. Freightquote will undoubtedly find the right carrier for each shipment from pricing to licensing to reputation.

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