Why use Freightquote Instead of Dealing Directly with a Carrier?

There is no reason that a business (or individual for that matter) cannot contact a freight carrier directly to arrange for a shipment. Just because it is possible, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best business decision. In the case of freight, the “middle man” can actually help a small- or medium-sized business (or individual) realize a tremendous savings in both money and time.

Freightquote.com has built an online freight management system that is second to none in the shipping industry. Its user interface is simple and its personnel are experienced and responsive. Freightquote’s customers can take advantage of the system, the people and the company’s industry reputation to handle their shipping needs simply and efficiently.

While it is technically true that Freightquote is a “middle man” in arranging for freight shipments and does not ever actually touch the freight, Freightquote is in a unique position to allow shippers to get the best price with reputable truckload and less than truckload (LTL) shipments, and all without the hassle of conducting multiple carrier negotiations.

So, how can Freightquote save a shipper money? Why isn’t it cheaper to contact the carriers directly? There are two primary reasons: volume and reputation. Just like a small business can save money buying in bulk from a warehouse club, it can save with Freightquote. The volume of shipments that Freightquote places with its partner freight carriers is substantial. That volume gives Freightquote a bit more negotiating weight than an average shipper. The more shipments booked, the better the discount offered. Freightquote then passes along those savings to its customers.

Using Freightquote can definitely save a shipper money but it can also save a tremendous amount of time. As noted above, Freightquote’s user-friendly system allows an instantaneous price comparison, automated booking and BOLs as well as start-to-finish shipment tracking.  No more spending the day on the phone getting quotes, scheduling pick-ups and confirming deliveries.

In the freight industry, then, a “middle man” like Freightquote is truly the fiscally responsible way to go. As opposed to a retail/wholesale situation, in freight, going straight to the carrier will likely not save a small- to medium-size business any money at all. To the contrary, using Freightquote will save both money and time.

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