Freightquote – Saving Money by Choosing a Regional Shipper

Over the last ten years, has established excellent working relationships with some of the shipping industries most reputable and reliable carriers. These include long-haul, regional and super-regional carriers. In fact, Freightquote calls on thousands of carriers on behalf of its customers. With over 750,000 loads managed each year, Freightquote certainly commands the attention of a diverse group of carriers.

Large national carriers get a substantial amount of media attention – companies like YRC, Roadway, Old Dominion, ABF, FedEx Freight and the like. What many shippers don’t realize though is that there are hundreds and thousands of local and regional shippers across the United States. Some restrict their services to one state; others serve a larger region such as the Southeast.

These regional carriers might not immediately come to mind when a shipper needs goods hauled. Freightquote, however, frequently includes such regional carriers in its quotes to customers. If a load is not traveling coast-to-coast, a regional carrier may represent a substantial price difference for the customer as well as a quicker delivery.

Freightquote’s instantaneous online freight quoting system allows the shipper to compare the pricing and delivery terms of each carrier side-by-side before making a final choice. Just as buying generic at the grocery store can save consumer money on an identical item, sometimes booking freight with a lesser-known name is equally economical.

Shippers can let Freightquote do the footwork for them by identifying and double-checking the dependability of the smaller, regional carriers. If a load is booked through Freightquote with a regional carrier, the shipper can be assured that the carrier is dependable and trustworthy.

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