Intermodal Freight Services –

If you’ve ever been to an international port or if active railroad tracks run through your city or town, you’ve most likely seen intermodal freight shipping in action. Intermodal shipping merely means that freight is moved via more than one mode of transportation: ship, rail and/or truck. is a simple way to arrange for easy-to-manage intermodal freight shipments.

Large international companies often ship their goods across the oceans via large containers on ships. You may have seen freight yards near shipping ports filled with stacks of these trailer-like, metal containers. Once the container is removed from the ship, it is either placed on a truck or a rail car to be transported within the country.

Domestic manufacturers can also benefit from intermodal transport for very large shipments moving over 1,000 miles. Truckload freight is loaded into a container or special trailer, then taken by truck to be loaded onto a specialized rail car. After the container arrives at its destination by rail, it is transferred to another truck for final delivery.

In the right situation, intermodal service can save a shipper substantial money compared to standard truckload rates. A single train can deliver multiple containers or trailers for a company in lieu of a complicated caravan of several different truckload haulers. The efficiencies of intermodal shipping are apparent in terms of time and money.

The coordination of such intermodal freight though can become extremely complex. Fortunately, has the resources and relationships available to manage domestic and international intermodal shipments with ease. In addition to its phenomenal network of reliable carriers, Freightquote can access any domestic railroad or stacktrain service for a company’s intermodal freight needs. Freightquote can even arrange for the quick drayage service which trucks a container or trailer from port to railway.

As you might imagine, the coordination involved in making sure that multiple international and domestic carriers across several modes of transport are all on the same page for any particular shipment can be daunting. makes the entire process painless by handling all carrier coordination and scheduling, managing all freight activity from start to finish and combining it all into one simple invoice while keeping you updated on how to ship.

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