Booking Truckload (TL) Freight Services

Some manufacturers and wholesalers own their own fleets, tractor-trailers emblazoned with the corporate logo traveling the country via interstate.

Others, despite regular large-scale shipping, choose not to take on the expense and responsibility of hiring drivers and maintaining the trucks. And yet others need full trailers to ship items on only limited occasions.

Companies with shipments between 10,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds have found the process of booking truckload (TL) freight services much easier since the advent of the web-based transportation management offered by With’s  experience in the industry, shippers are assured that quality carriers are contracted to haul each truckload.

Freightquote’s TL division can choose the right TL trucking companies for each load based on their longstanding knowledge and relationships with 3,000 of the top national and regional TL carriers in the freight hauling industry.  Shipping to Canada or Mexico? Not a problem, as Freightquote has relationships with all the right carriers for comprehensive North American delivery.

Consumers won’t have to worry about finding available trucks with the necessary custom equipment such as 48′ or 53′ vans, refrigerated trailers, or flatbed step beds or double drops because Freightquote’s TL reps will do it for them. If a shipment needs air-ride, blanket wrap or other special handling, Freightquote’s TL system can easily fill the bill. Even hazardous materials TL shipments are handled without problem.

In addition to knowing where the best truck for any given load is,’s TL experts know how to find the best rate for any given shipping scenario. And the customer’s contact throughout the entire truckload shipping process is Freightquote. One customer service point from quote to dispatch to tracking to delivery.

Taking’s expertise and experience in the realm of truckload shipping not only saves companies money upfront by finding the best available rate, when used appropriately, the system saves money in employee time. Companies no longer have to waste man hours booking TL shipments, negotiating and comparing rates, tracking and confirming deliveries. Freightquote takes care of that, freeing the shipper’s employees to complete other work.

In today’s economy, saving time and money in any increment is important to a business. Using Freightquote is an easy way to do just that.

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